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Building an impact economy on
Nature Based Solutions

Dar Salaam, TZ
16 November 2023
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The Conference

1 day of Powerful Talks on carbon markets and the potential they represent both for mitigating the effects of climate change and supporting local development.
Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
16 November 2023
08:00 am

General context

Humanity finds itself at an unprecedented crossroads, facing multiple interrelated crises (climate, biodiversity, energy, social inequalities) that call into question the impressive developments achieved by human societies over the last 150 years. The challenge we face is how to achieve further progress in human development without increasing the burden on the environment and climate.

To help address these issues, we propose to set up a series of events to look at what nature-based solutions offer, and understand the opportunities and constraints they bring.

The first event launching the conference cycle on Thursday, November 16th, 2023, will look at carbon markets and the potential they represent both for mitigating the effects of climate change, conserving natural ecosystems storing carbon and for supporting developing economies and livelihoods. The conference will attract more than 250 participants with speakers from Tanzania and abroad. The projected budget for the conference is Tsh. 138 million. The budget will be raised from stakeholders.


The challenge

The recent development of carbon credits has generated a great deal of enthusiasm for this approach to generating incentives for forest conservation. In a nutshell, everyone wants them, and everyone thinks they’ll be the solution to every problem. However, there are significant gaps in understanding how these certification processes work, what conditions are required to implement them, or how governance issues are taken into account in the process. These elements lead to unrealistic expectations, and generate a great deal of frustration.

The aim of the conference is to provide the various Tanzanian players involved with clarification and a better understanding of the conditions and requirements needed to bring such processes to fruition.


To provide information and knowledge relating to the development of assets based on certification of impacts, be it carbon, biodiversity or other SDGs to policy makers, decision makers, executives and managers of public and private information operating and investing in Tanzania.

Offered as a combination of presentations and workshops led by both academics and practitioners, allowing for exchange, the conference aims to set the first milestone in a series of events designed to optimize the use of these impact certification processes through nature-based solutions.


More specifically, the conference proposes to develop 4 panels aimed at deepening understanding of these processes:

  1. How to Effectively develop carbon projects for communities.?

  2. The Legal framework of Carbon Trading in Tanzania

  3. How do Governments leverage natural resources management in the carbon


  4. Business engagements: Why investing in Tanzania Cabon Sector?

We hope that this conference will help to realize the full potential of carbon credits for Tanzanian stakeholders, and enable the necessary scale-up to achieve the development of a robust carbon impact economy on a national scale.


The conference is aimed at a wide audience, starting with politicians and decision-makers, senior civil servants, the private sector and in particular institutions active in sustainable finance, as well as players in international cooperation and civil society. While the conference is based on high-quality scientific data, its ambition is not to be a scientific conference, but rather to offer stakeholders the opportunity to better understand and debate these developments.

The Conference is supported by Tanzania’s Vice President Office (VPO) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT).

The Conference

Buy your ticket now!

Purchase your ticket for the conference and/or for our gala by clicking the link below.


Buy your ticket now!

Purchase your ticket for the conference and/or for our gala by clicking the link below.

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