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This conference has only been made possible by the contributions of various financial players, who we would like to thank warmly for their support.



STAMICO, which stands for State Mining Corporation, is a state-owned mining company in Tanzania. It was established in 1972 with the aim of promoting the development of the mining industry in Tanzania. STAMICO plays a significant role in the country's mining sector by engaging in exploration, production, and value addition of minerals.


The corporation is involved in various mining activities, including prospecting and exploration of minerals, mining operations, processing and smelting, and trading of minerals. It collaborates with other stakeholders in the mining industry to promote sustainable mining practices, enhance geological and mining information, and attract investments in the sector.

Seltech Co. Ltd, S. Korea

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Seltech is a leading company in S. Korea in fostering a sustainable energy and living technology. Seltech is committed to 100% renewable power for the aim of protecting the environment and strengthening social safety for sustainable business. The company deals with direct production at self-owned facilities by construct a new renewable energy power plant in the same or a remote location as the factory/building that uses electricity and operate it independently by connecting or disconnecting it from the grid, and also purchasing from generator and suppliers  in the open market this includes purchasing electricity directly from a power generation firm by executing a power purchase contract.

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