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Why Carbon Matters?

Carbon is key to unlocking potential for a sustainable future, particularly in Tanzania where nature abounds, both on a local and global scale. 


Our ecosystems are deteriorating, and climate patterns are shifting having direct impacts on human well-being. We need to embrace novel avenues for funding a transition to a society that coexist with nature. Carbon is a revenue opportunity where nature-based solutions (NbS) amongst other positive impacts are capable of being used to mitigate climate change. 


Equally crucial is the empowerment of local and indigenous communities. Allocating a significant portion of carbon revenue to these communities not only bolsters their stewardship efforts but also generates significant income opportunities.  


We need to educate and communicate about the obstacles faced by the voluntary carbon markets and need to work to fortify its foundations, ensuring transparency and accountability. 


Despite being in its early stages, carbon revenue provides a viable pathway to secure essential funds for conservation projects. Elevating the market standards and reputation can be achieved by enhancing the reliability and transparency of the carbon certification processes, supported by initiatives like ICVCM's Core Carbon Principles (CCPs).  


Carbon pricing has emerged as a potent tool for both governments and the private sectors encouraging proactive investments in climate initiatives. These markets are in the process of being built and the valorisation of impact, such as social carbon costs, Article 6 provisions, voluntary carbon markets are leading to a new narrative centred on collaboration and mitigation. 


Furthermore, we observe a global trend of stricter regulation of corporate climate claims, which curbs greenwashing and promotes genuine, effective climate actions. Through the adoption of carbon pricing and internal accounting for emissions costs, companies can mitigate reputational risks and catalyse significant strides in climate and environmental conservation.  


This conference will give Tanzania the opportunity to spearhead transformative changes toward a more sustainable, equitable, and vibrant future. 

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