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Project developers

Various project leaders will have the opportunity to present their proposals to governmental stakeholders. The range of projects on offer covers everything from forestry and mangrove projects to energy, transport and infrastructure approaches, as well as government management of carbon projects.

ADAP, Switzerland

The Association for Development of Protected Areas (ADAP) is a Swiss non-governmental organization with an international vocation established in Geneva since 1997. ADAP supports community-based natural resource management initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa. ADAP assumes that any nature conservation initiative that does not consider the needs of local communities is doomed to failure. ADAP thus acts as a bridge between community, government, and private actors in the implementation of sustainable development strategies. It is also involved in research and education partnerships aimed at developing innovative solutions to problems encountered in the field. ADAP is registered in Tanzania and currently implements three projects that deal with co-management of protected areas and the development of beekeeping and wild mushrooms added value chains in Katavi and Tabora regions. For more information, please visit

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EEON Ventures is an international business organization who concentration is on Public Works, Health, Green Energy creation, Carbon Credit projects and the Climate Economy in developing nations. It is dedicated to bringing projects to developing nations that create equitable economic endeavors, and results, for nations who have been traditionally marginalized by the developed world. EEON helps African nations who have significant Carbon Credit assets that wish to maximize the value they have in the Climate Economy and participate in a powerful entity that will share the world. For more information, please visit 

AxessImpact, Switzerland

AxessImpact, a cutting-edge Green Fintech in Switzerland, is redefining sustainable finance with regenerative and impact-driven solutions. Central to its digital innovation is “The Habitat,” a dynamic hub that encourages transparency and collaborative action,

seamlessly aligning with SDG17 objectives. This platform not only facilitates a reliable pathway to certification but also promotes Nature-based Solutions (NbS), aiming to

restore ecosystems and benefit communities. By uniting varied participants in a trustcentric framework, it smoothens the navigation of complex value chains and fosters sustainable and regenerative initiatives.


AxessImpact stands committed to positioning its

partners as pioneers, steering the global transition towards a transparent and ecologically regenerative transformation. For more information, please visit

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Seltech Co. Limited,
South Korea

Seltech is a leading company in S. Korea in fostering a sustainable energy and living technology. Seltech is committed to 100% renewable power for the aim of protecting the environment and strengthening social safety for sustainable business. The company deals with direct production at self-owned facilities by construct a new renewable energy power plant in the same or a remote location as the factory/building that uses electricity and operate it independently by connecting or disconnecting it from the grid, and also purchasing from generator and suppliers  in the open market this includes purchasing electricity directly from a power generation firm by executing a power purchase contract. For more information, please visit 주식회사 셀텍 (

Econetix, Austria

Econetix is a company in Austria that focuses in fostering transparency in the carbon market and expanding the availability of reliable high-quality carbon credit, Econetix strives to establish a robust system that ensure accurate and trustworthy information, enabling effective carbon reduction strategies and sustainable feature to solve the problem of measurement, report and verification. The main focus is achieving carbon emission reduction, as we embark our mission to prioritize key features and those are blue features, green features and yellow]w features. For more information, please visit


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Oryon Watermill, Netherlands

The Oryon Watermill located at Arnhem, Netherlands, is an innovative hydro power plant which generates sustainable energy from running water. This watermill is distinguished from other installations in its constant, high return and its 100% fish-friendliness . The Oryon Watermill generates electricity from all kinds of running water between 1 and 10 meters per second. The product can be placed in rivers, ocean currents, tidal currents, forced movements of wears, dams and smart grid applications.

For more information, please visit

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